Dreame Akku-Bodenstaubsauger V10 Pro, 450,00 Watt, 140AW 22000PA Saugkraft, 6-in-1-Handstaubsauger-Elektrobesen, bis zu 60 Minuten und Bildschirm Preis gesenkt – Günstig – Neu OVP


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Dreame Akku-Bodenstaubsauger V10 Pro, 450,00 Watt, 140AW 22000PA Saugkraft, 6-in-1-Handstaubsauger-Elektrobesen, bis zu 60 Minuten und Bildschirm

  • Der Motor mit 100.000 U / min bietet eine Saugleistung von 140 AW, eine Zyklonfiltration mit 12 Kegeln und eine weiche Bürste mit 48 mm großem Durchmesser.
  • 2500 mAh Batterie Batterie bis zu 60 Minuten im Standardmodus, 28 Minuten im effizienten Modus und 10 Minuten im starken Modus.
  • 6 verschiedene Bürsten und Bürstenwerkzeuge sind für unterschiedliche Reinigungsanforderungen ausgelegt. Besenstaubsauger für Auto, Haushalt, Tierhaare, Polster und enge Bereiche.
  • blockiert effektiv 99,9% der Milben und Mikropartikel, stößt frische Luft aus und bietet Ihnen eine sichere und komfortable Umgebung.
  • Angezeigter Bildschirm, Ein-Knopf-Verriegelungsmodus, Geräuschreduzierungsdesign, 1,6 kg Handstaubsauger

Product Name: Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V10 Pro
Model: VVN5

Rated Voltage: 25.2V
Rated Power: 450W

Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Weight of Main Device: 1.6kg
Charge Time: About 3.5 hours
Bin Volume: 0.5L

Motor Model: Dreame V10 Pro Brushless Digital Motor
Running Time: Up to 60 minutes
Suction Power: 140AW
Vaccum Degree: Up to 22kPa
Filtration System: 12-cone cyclone self-cleaning, 5-fold filtration
New Generation V10 Pro Loaded With Advanced Motor
High speed of 100,000rpm¹ enables excellent suction power
99.9% removal of mites² and micro particulates
12-cone cyclone filtering system

Always on the way of pursuing superb performance
The aerospace team breaks through past tech shackles and renews the technology of the motor,which brings the dreame V10 Pro vacuum cleaner to a higher level meeting with more sophisticated standards.
The V10 Pro vacuum cleaner is designed to be able to work at a spped of up to 100,000rpm by adopting a more stable rotor technology and a better air current control system.
140 AW³  Maximum Suction Power
22000 Pa4 Maximum Vacuum Sustion
450 W5 Operation Power
Power = Motor + Battery
Dreame unique smart air cooling technology
constantly makes strong power
Dreame unique design of the air duct allows airflow to efficiently pass through the motor and battery pack to achieve real-time heat dissipation of the core components,ensures the power always stays strong under various cleaning modes.
Pioneer Endurance System
provides continuous power
The 2500mAh large-capacity battery pack,combined with an intelligent power management system,monitors the status of battery and current in real time,dynamically adjusts the power supply of the motor,achieves a reasonable distribution of power and more efficient power output in order to provide abundant power.
60 minutes6  Standard Mode
28 minutes  Efficient Mode
10 minutes  Strong Mode
DREAME V10 PRO is an excellent vacuum cleaner embedded with transcendent configuration:100,000rpm motor,12-cone cyclone filtration,48mm brush head.
Strong suction and efficient cleaning
No dirt left in  gaps after sweeping
The V10 Pro vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 100,000 RPM high-spped brushless motor,which can effectively remove stubborn dust and motes deeply hidden in gaps,significantly improving the suction efficiency.
Large-Diameter Soft Brush
Protects your floor with no worries about troublesome hair
The floor brush is driven by an independent motor.Its large-diameter design effectively prevents hair from wrapping around the roller.the soft roller brush is able to clean deep gaps between floors.With strong suction,it significantly improves the efficieny of floor cleaning.
Thechnical innovation of 12-cone cyclone filtration system
Double the service life of filters
The V10 Pro is equipped with a 12-cone cyclone filtration system by Dreame aerospace team.it can achieve up to 99.67% dust and air separation effiviency by aerodynamics alone,which greatly reduces the load for filters.Under the service life of filters is doubled compared to previous versions.7
Filtering efficiency increased by 63%
Filter service life increased by 100%
Remove both large particles and motes8
Accurately filter 99.94% particles as small as 0.3 μm
This device adopts a 5-fold fine filtration system,which can accurately capture particles as small as 0.3 μm,and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.94%.Moreover,it can discharge clean air to avoid secondary pollution.
is also an outstanding mite removal vacuum cleaner
Remove mites with strong suction
Effectively remove indoor microorganisms and micro-particles
The independent motor generating strong suction power,directly drives the roller brush to reach the deep layer of fabrics,effectively removing dusts and microorganisms.
Effectively remove hidden threats
The mite removal rate is as high as 99.9%
Visualized colorful display screen 
Control the running status in real time
16 bit  Full Color in Depth
57600 pixels  HD Screen
4H Hardness Panel  Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
One button to lock function mode
Free your fingers,designed for complex cleaning scenarios
The option of continuous working mode is available for you to find on screen menu.
With an extension hose,it can easily deal with cleaning in complex environments.
6 full-chain style design to reduce noise
– Exhaust pathways optimization
to reduce exhaust whistling noise
– Equipped with brushless motor
to reduce rotor friction noise
– Motor suspension design
to reduce resonance noise
– GEDEBAO noise-reduction composite cotton
to reduce noise at the air outlet
– Air duct optimization
to reduce wind resistance and wind noise
– Components tightly integrated
to reduce noise caused by vibration
Various accessories for all-round cleaning
*Low pile carpet
deal with different dirt and dust
*Ground dust removal
Clean dust on floors and tiles
*Mattress/fabric mite removal
Remove mites,dander etc.
*Gap cleaning
Keyboards,narrow joints etc.
*Furniture dust removal
Sofas,tables and chair cabinets etc.
*Clean edges and corners
Carriage bottom,drawers,cabinet corners etc.
Ergonomic Design
Easily reaches up high to clean
Adopt an ergonomic design to place the motor and battery backward to the handle,which makes the center of gravity of the It effectively reduces your arm burden when lifting the cleaner machine,making it more comfortable to reach up high.
More details designed for you
1.To store is to charge 2 in 1 wall bracket
2.Empty dust with one button; No need to touch dirt
3. Easy disassembly and assembly Buckle design for changing brush freely
4.Washable filters and roller brushes
Basic Parameters
Product Name   Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V10 Pro
Model  VVN5
Rated Voltage  25.2V
Rated Power  450W
Battery Capacity  2500mAh
Weight  1.6kg
Charge Time  About 3.5 hours
Motor Model  Dreame V10 Pro Brushless Motor
Run Time  Up to 60 minutes
Suction Power  140AW
Vaccum  22kPa Up to 22kPa
Filtration System  12-cone cyclone self-cleaning 5-fold filtration
Bin Volume  0.5L
Inside the box
Power Adapter *1
Extension Hose *1
2-in-1 Crevice Nozzle *1
2-in-1 Brush Nozzle *1
Extension Rod *1
2-in-1 Charging & Storage Mount
Soft Roller Nozzle *1
Mini-Motorized Nozzle *1
(Including screws x2,wall plugs x2)


Handhabung & Komfort
Art des Staubfangbehälters 140AW 22000PA Saugkraft, 6-in-1-Handstaubsauger-Elektrobesen
Farbe & Material
Farbe Weiß
Technische Daten
Leistung 450,00 W


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